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Norvell Custom Air Brush Tanning Service

The Norvell tanning service produces a streak-free appearance and natural “just off the beach” color without an orange tinge. This air brush solution dries quickly, and contains caffeine to help protect skin from sun damage. DHA Bronzer, or dihydroxyacetone, develops color  within hours by reacting with amino acids in your skin.

Norvell air brush also contains Erythrulose, which extends the duration of your tan for maximum effectiveness. This spray tan is the most authentic looking available and eliminates odors present in other spray tans and replaces it with a sweet raspberry-almond aroma. Effective and even tanning is achieved by Norvell’s micro-emulsion technology to achieve a complete copper color without discolored streaks or spots.


$35 Single Service

Ask for information about multiple service packages.


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The Norvell Custom Air Brush Tanning system at Renaissance European Spa.